Retrieve GMail's "noname" attachments

There is a bug in Google Mail that sometimes gives you "noname" attachments, bizarrely encoded (it's called "appledouble"), when sent from a Mac. Google have been made aware of the problem in March 2007 and are... hum... "working on it". Here you can upload those files and retrieve them decoded. If for some reason it doesn't work, send me your noname file *zipped* and I'll see what I can do to make the script better.

Warning: the file is kept on my server 10 minutes after you have uploaded it. I think it's secure (no one should be able to guess your file's name), but I can't guarantee it. If you prefer to roll your own installation, please download a copy of the script and install it on your server. There's really nothing difficult to do; you just need to make sure that the post.php script is allowed to write in the tmp/ subdirectory.

This script uses jQuery and especially its form plugin.

Author: ; © 2007 — licensed under the GNU/General Public License. See for the technical documentation.